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December 2020 Update

FOP Brothers and Sisters,


Attached you will find the latest information on what has been going on nationally.  We host a National teleconference every month to keep up with FOP events. 


If you have not yet done so, please download the FOP App and or subscribe to the Washington Watch so you can get all the new and current FOP information.  Just so you know; all the motions discussed at this meeting passed. 


Please do not disseminate any information outside the FOP.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at any time.  Thank you for everything you do and for staying strong in these tough times.


Ruben Marichalar

National Trustee

Minnesota Fraternal Order of Police

Previous Updates

Greetings fellow Brothers and Sisters of the Minnesota Fraternal Order of Police, I hope this update finds you all in great health and spirits now that the glimpse of spring is in the air.  This is an update on the Spring National Board Meeting (Board of Trustees) that occurred in San Diego, CA. March 10-12, 2016.  Again this is just a quick synopsis of the meeting.  In order to make all of you more familiar with our web site, all the financial and detailed reports will be added to the site.  These reports and information can be accessed through the members’ only section under the "Grand Lodge Updates" tab.


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  • Constitution and By-Laws 2015-2017

  • Election Committee Guidelines

  • National Roster 2015-2017

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  • National FOP Resource Manual 2016


The meeting started with President Canterburry conducting the opening ceremonies followed by a roll call of Officers by Secretary Yoes.  Grand Lodge Auxiliary President Lind Hennie gave her report.  President Hennie informed us there is growth in membership and that all is well.  The Auxiliary National Memorial Committee is in full swing and working on making Police Week 2016 the best they can.  For those of you interested they have set up a fundraiser selling National Peace Officers’ Service Challenge Coins.  All monies collected from this fundraiser go to the FOP Foundation earmarked for the Memorial Service.  If interested please go on the Grand Lodge Auxiliary web page or visit 

President Canterburry then attended to Grievances.  A grievance from Florida FOP was heard and a member was expelled (Details on website).  President Canterburry then moved on to Approval of Committees.  All Committees were approved except the Election Committee.  We then heard a report from the Special Election Committee.  With some minor changes, the Committee was approved (Details on website).  Also approved were the 2015 National Conference minutes (Details on website).  The next order of business was the National Officers Reports (Details on website). 

President Canterburry: FBI is currently investigating the hack on the FOP, website is still being worked on and will be up soon, they are looking into storage on the Cloud, FOP has a say in 21st Century Policing Report.

VP McDonald: When asked for endorsements ask – What is in it for us?  Remember, do not just give it away.  Your endorsement is more valuable than you think.  Social Media is not all bad just remember to be careful in what you say and what photographs you post. If you need any assistance feel free to call him (number on website).

Secretary Yoes: Working on changing classification of members, please hold your public officials accountable for their actions,  data breach has slowed us down but we will work through it, give back to FOP look at how, journal is on track.

Treasurer Penoza: Auxiliary budget for Police Week 2016 has gone up.

2nd VP Neri: We need to work on Public Relations, use Grand Lodge website to find how to cut cost on shopping, education etc…,  do not let media provide our image; we need to remember where we are at all times and act accordingly.  

Sgt-At-Arms Mayberry: Again the Labor Summit will be in Las Vegas, NAPO in on board and impressed by FOP, the Troopers Association in on board and IUPA has been invited.

Chairman of the Trustees Perkins: Dedicated this meeting in memory of National Trustee Kevin Summers of Michigan who passed away at the beginning of this year.

The next order of business was the Past Presidents Reports. 
Immediate past president Gallegos; Take a good look at any accusations on anyone in your Department or state and make sure you have all the information you will need.


Stokes: Verbiage in contracts is very important.  Protect yourselves. 

Boyd and Dineen: Not present

The next order of business was the Trustees Reports.  Some of the same issues came up in every state. Everyone is having problems recruiting, retaining and fundraising (Details on our website).  Next order of business was the Report of Legal Counsel and Legislative Report.  Executive Director Pasco mentioned we need to be prepared to interact with political candidates both local and National.  He advised to ask questions and be careful on their rating as it can be wrong. We then received a report from the Legal Aid Committee.  Chairman Steve James of California informed us all is well with 50,000 members.  He and his Committee are staying on top of enrollment.  He also wanted everyone to know that we are paying out to our members.  About $50 million since 2004 has been paid out to our members.

The next order of business was the Committee Reports.  These reports are all on our website:


Under unfinished Business: The Election Committee to operate under new guidelines (Details on website).

Under New Business: PTDS a big issue. Motion to support Horses and Cops out of Colorado with a donation for $7500 passed.

Under Good of the Order: National Trustee Grabowski recognized for his years of service as he will not be running again, Brother Peacock as well.  North Dakota National Trustee Johnson thanked the FOP members for all the support during Fargo’s loss of Officer Moszer.

I hope you enjoyed this brief report.  Again, all details are on our website.  If after you read the reports you have question, please feel free to call me. 

I encourage all of you to go on our website, click on to our members only and register.  Take a look at what we have to offer and please drop us a line if there is anything you would like to see added.  Take care, be safe, but stay strong.

Ruben Marichalar
Minnesota National Trustee
North Star Lodge #22

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