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Support for Levi

I have a favor to ask. Recently I was made aware that one of our states newest members, Zack Rundlett with the Tipton Police Department,  had just received some news that none of us would ever want to get.

Zack's son, Levi has brain cancer. Levi has been given 3-5 months to live. I believe Levi is around 3 years old. Zack took Levi to the Mayo Clinic and has been told that with extensive treatment they may be able to extend his life to a year, this is not guaranteed though.

Tipton is a small departmet with 6 officers. They are an amazing family that support each other and are all feeling this tragic news. Every member has started to donate time to Zach so he can spend every second with Levi possible. I know these officers personally, there are none better.

I am asking for support for the officers, Zach and especially Levi. If we could get patches, coins, or cards sent to Levi to show the support of the FOP, I think that would be awesome. I cannot imagine the heartache that they are all feeling right now.

Tipton Police Department
407 Lynn Street
Tipton, IA 52772-1633

Chief Lisa Kepford
Sgt. Bradley Peck
Officer Matt Jennings
Officer Zach Rundlett
Officer David Dierks
Officer Matt Adolf

Thank you.

Donald Strong
National Trustee Iowa