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Fundraising & Donations

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The Minnesota Fraternal Order of Police State Lodge (MNFOP) is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving its members and the communities they serve. As a result, each year the MNFOP donates our time, talents and money to several well deserving organizations such as the MN Special Olympics and Easter Seals just to name a few. Our support, however, does not end at the Minnesota state line. We also provide support in the form of supplies, funds and manpower to officers in other states when tragedy occurs, for example Hurricane Katrina.  


In addition to these groups, our support is given to officers and their families during times of sickness, injury or when the unthinkable happens and an officer loses his life in the line of duty. Many people think that when an illness, injury or death occurs insurance covers the loss, this is far from correct. The MNFOP provides funds and manpower to the officer and their families to make a tragic situation a little easier to tolerate.


These funds also allow the MNFOP to monitor legislation at both the State and National level by enabling officers the opportunity to not only create laws, but also update laws that both protect and serve officers and the general public alike.


Recently we have began using direct mail to solicit funds for the MNFOP.  If you receive information in the mail from the MNFOP, please take a couple minutes to read it and learn about the MNFOP and what we do.  If you receive a phone call soliciting funds for the MNFOP please disregard it.  In the past we have used phone solicitation, but currently there are not any companies that are authorized to solicit on our behalf.  Please contact State President Dave Miller  to report anyone calling on behalf of the MNFOP. We do not use telephone solicitation for any fundraising. If you receive a call using our name, it is not the MN FOP.


If you have any additional questions concerning our fundraising, please contact me via PHONE or EMAIL.


Dave Miller
State President
Minnesota Fraternal Order of Police

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