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MN FOP Lure - Front
MN FOP Lure - Back

Good day everyone.  For those of you who were at the State Board Meeting in Bemidji, this will not be news.  For those of you who were not, 2023 marks the 30 Anniversary of the Minnesota State Lodge.  We have a few things we would like to share with you in celebration of this 30 year mark.  Attached there are a few photos of some fishing lures we have made up.  There is also a few other examples of what we can do.  We were also thinking some tumblers, no photo available.  



Small = $10.50

Large = $12.50





The tumblers, like the lure, would have our 30 Anniversary Logo along with the State Logo.  If you are interested in any of these items, please send me an email of what you want and how many you want.  Please also add what size lure as there are two different sizes.  These items will be available for pick up by you or your designee at our next meeting in October.  To make sure we can get these items to you in time for the October 10th meeting in St. Cloud, A hard date of September 29th will be set.  Anything coming in after that may not be available for the October meeting and we may have to make other arrangements.  


All proceeds go to the Minnesota Fraternal Order of Police Foundation to assist our members in need.  Thank you all for your time and support. We look forward to making it around the state and making as many meeting as we can this year.  Take care, be safe and stay strong.

Foundation Committee

Ruben Marichalar

Jarod Anderson
Karol Strey

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